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Dear Friends,

This  is  from  Adibasi  Social  Workers’  Association  for  Social  Action  Net-Work.

[ASWASAN], BANKURA. Ours  is  a  Secular,  Non-Political  and  Non-Profit  making  Welfare  Organization founded  and  run  basically  by  the  Adibasis  professionally  trained  Social  Workers  and dedicated  to  the  total  wellbeing  and  empowerment  of  the  women  nation,  the  tribal people and of other rural communities irrespective of castes, creeds and religions.

We do believe that the Santali Mission Schools, Women SHGs, Youth Orientation Program, Cooperatives  and  up  gradation  and  strengthening  of  the  traditional  ‘MajhiPargana  System’  (Traditional  tribal Village  Administration  System)  would  be  the  best strategies to achieve the ‘Kherwal National Goals’.

We generally, raise fund from humanitarian and philanthropic individuals, Bodies, Progressive Groups, apart from Corporate Houses and the Schematic Govt. Grants. All  the  donations  are  received  under  the 80G  certificate through  which  Donors can  also  get  50%  Tax  exemption.  We    receive  donations    through  the  Bank  a/c  No.-08200110012284, operated at the UCO Bank, Machantala Br., PO & Dist- Bankura; A/C name- ‘Adibasi Social Workers' Association for Social Action Net-Work’.

You  are  always  welcome  to  our  Pandit  Raghu  Nath  Murmu  Mission  School Campus  any day to interact with the  distressed and  orphan tribal Girls & Boys enjoying free studentship  aiming at a  ‘Newer Horizon  ’.  Yes, you too can ‘Sponsor’ one or more Students of the Ashrama if your kind self so wants. The Mission Management will send Sponsor  Contract Form  on request, or  you can  directly  deposit  donation  money  to  the  Bank  a/c  and  just  inform  us  about  the transaction  giving  your  PAN  and  full  postal  address,  and  you  will  get  the  ‘Donation Certificate/ Receipt’ by post within a week.

Thanks a lot for showing interest in the  ‘Kherwal Nation building endeavour’  of ‘ASWASAN’s NGO Net-Work,  BANKURA.  Friends,  you  can  also  help us in raising fund  to achieve the ‘Kherwal National Goals’ by only mobilizing other generous Donors.

J o h a r with due regards.

Indian Donation:

Bank Name: UCO Bank
A/c Number: 08200110012284 ( Savings )
Branch Name: Machantala

Foreign Donation (FCRA)

Bank Name: UCO Bank
A/c Number: 14080110003756 ( Savings )
Branch Name: Durgapur Steel City Branch
IFSC Code: UCBA0001408
MICR Code : 713028203

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