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Women SHGs Promotion Program:

In tribal Communities the women play an important role in maintenance, in making family sustainable economically, in educating the Children and in achieving a Healthy family. The tribal women are basically potential for working in groups in collective actions and in Co operative entrepreneurship. We do believe that SHG format can be the best strategy to combat the ages long chronic poverty prevalent among the tribal families. Our SHGs have been continuing 'Savings & Crediting' activities very successfully. They are being motivated to undertake small business with the help of the Group fund and outside loans on the basis of local resources & local market base that is fitted to their skills and culture.

Environment Awareness Program:

Tribes are the 'Priest & Protectors of Nature'. They worship trees, they let the forest grow through protecting it for they generally earn a lot from forest to maintain livelihood.
Keeping in mind all those we held the awareness camps to discuss the environment, pollution and roles of the villagers. Now the villagers of remote and forest fringe areas are very active in protecting their natural wealth.

Women's Advocacy / Legal awareness:

In the tribal society women do enjoy more freedom in family management and in personal life-lead. But in present complex society they too have been suffering from some socio-cultural and economic problems. We, through our advocacy program give voice to the women's issues and socio-cultural and economic problems. Legal Awareness Camps are organized mainly for the women residing in remote areas of the district. Local humanitarian Lawyers and Socio-cultural Activists and the tribal traditional social Leaders participate as the Resource persons. Villagers and the individuals contribute in cash and in kinds to meet the program cost. We are happy with the performance of our Volunteers attached.

HIV / AIDS awareness Camps:

Among the tribal communities STD/RTI & HIV/AIDS awareness generation program has been very important and we, with the help of local Doctors, Health Workers, Social Workers have been holding AIDS/HIV awareness Camps by involving the local youth clubs and SHGs. We are thankful to all the villagers, Volunteers,etc. who could raised a good amount of beneficiary contribution to meet the program expenses.

Pandit Raghunath Murmu Mission School:

Following the Philosophy, Vision and Mission of Pandit Raghunath Murmu, the inventor of the 'Ol-Chiki' Script for Santali, these 'Mission Schools' have been run by the 'ASWASAN' in the district of Bankura (W.B) for last one decade. More than 520 students have been taught Santali in Ol-Chiki Script at the Primary education Course curriculum and they have been admitted in nearby Govt. Secondary schools. Hope we can increase such residential Schools to meet the demand of the locality very soon getting Govt./Non Govt. supports.

Community mobilization Program:

Community mobilization Program was one of the priority program of our Association. Village level Motivation meetings, Workshops, addressing the Social gatherings and Melas, Public annual Worship occasions, etc. are arranged/ attended with some prepared program Messages following local IEC materials and folk media. Through this program Voluntarism among the tribal people especially amongst the youth ones was promoted and scope provided for practicing in the society.

Basic Health Promotion Program:

Most portion of the annual family-Income of the rural tribal house hold usually was expended for the basic health causes which has been reduced/ minimized by making the Mothers and common villagers effectively aware of the basic health issues and preventive measures. Health awareness Camps and small group health meeting for the village mothers and others are arranged and conducted by our health Volunteers/ trained Health workers/Doctors/ICDS workers, etc.

Tribal Folk Culture & Arts Promotion:

Tribal communities are very fond of Music, Dance, Songs, etc. performing Arts. Basically the stage performance for Competition taking the folk dance, traditional Songs, plays, etc. are covered under different age and Sex groups of Contestants. In the annual Program prizes are awarded to the successful contestants. It has been an attractive and successful program of the Association.

Games & Sports Promotion:

To organize and strengthen the rural tribal youths and their Clubs/Operas the annual Sports Meets are organized at Central village and Block levels. The tribal Women, Girls and the School students are the majority participants here. Villagers attend the Games & Sports Meets in a festive mood from even far away villages. Attractive prizes and food are provided to the contestants (individuals & groups). We are very happy with the fund raising drive of our field workers/ Volunteers/Members and of the local influential persons.

Training of Staff/ Volunteers / Teachers:

Skill up gradation of the field workers, Village level Volunteers, Primary School Teachers etc. was the basic priority program of our Association. Fresh Volunteers and other staff members are provided the induction and fresher's capacity building trainings. Topics covered include-Communication, Community organization, Project activity details, Mission, Vision and goals of the Association, Reporting, Collection of field data, etc.